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Please notice that in order to record your mobility in national data base we need personal registration number (EMŠO number). For the establishment of personal registration number will be used the following parameters: FAMILY NAME, FIRST NAME, GENDER, NATIONALITY, DATE OF BIRTH, COUNTRY OF BIRTH, PLACE OF BIRTH.

The EMŠO is a personal identification number in the Republic of Slovenia. It is entered in official records and other databases when so stipulated by the law. The record or database manager is obliged to state the legal basis. If EMŠO collection is not stipulated by the law, an EMŠO may only be obtained from a person on his/her written consent. In the event of such, the record manager is obliged to inform the person of the purpose, may only use the data for that purpose, and may not pass these data to another person. Otherwise, this is punishable as a minor offence. University of Primorska creates EMŠO number to put the student into the system eHE (Evidence and Analysis Information System for Higher Education in the Republic of Slovenia - EVS).

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